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Our Family Tradition from The Lindsay's of America


Our family tradition was written about on pages 218-220 of  The Lindsay's of America, which was published in 1889.  Tipton Lindsey of Visalia, CA reported the information to the author, Margaret Isabella Lindsay.  Tipton had left Indiana at the age of nineteen to go to California during the Gold Rush in 1849.  He never saw his birth family again.  Tipton's account was an oral tradition that was told to him by his father.  He was writing from his memories as a young child.

Tipton wrote to his Uncle Findley Lindsey (my g-g-grandfather, spelled Findla, below) in 1885 to ask for information about the family history. I have a copy of the letter.  But Findley died before the letter arrived.  Had Findley been alive to share information, we would now know more about our early ancestors.  Tipton's account had some errors. For instance, he wrote that Findley had no children, but he had three: William Robert, Frederick Joshua, and Sarah Jane Lindsey (my g-grandmother).  A partial probate found in a basement courthouse in Jackson Co., Indiana in 1999 by researcher Carol Huber has revealed that William of Indiana, per Tipton's tradition, was actually Joshua of Indiana.  He died there in 1818.  Carol posted information about her research trip on the Rootsweb Lindsay mail list:

Below is a paraphrased summary of Tipton Lindsey's tradition as published in The Lindsay's of America:

The tradition in this family is that the early ancestor came direct from Scotland before the Revolution. David Lindsey bought and settled a large farm near Pittsburgh where he lived and died.  He had four sons: Hezekiah settled in Ohio.  Edward lived in North Carolina.  David lived in Kentucky, or Virginia, as one family member says.  William was killed in the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

William left two sons and a daughter.  John, who never married, died in the wilds of Kentucky or at Boonslick, Missouri.  William lived in Kentucky, and afterward in Indiana. Sallie married a Mr.Williams and lived in North Carolina near Guilford Courthouse.

William of Kentucky, and afterward, Indiana, left sons John, William, Joshua, Findla, and Boyde, and daughters.  It is said that the sons were fond of relating to their families that they descended from Sir David Lindsay of Mary Queen of Scots time.

The following is a record of William Lindsey's five sons:

1. John of Indiana married and had William, Joshua, John, Mark, Nathan, Tipton, and a daughter Elizabeth.  Of these children William married and had George and Nathan Lindsey.  Joshua settled in Kentucky.  He married and had Wayne, Mark, John, Dora, Alice, Jame, Amanda, and Lucy.  John married and had Charles T., Lelia (Mrs. Sisson), Alma, and Edwin K. Lindsey.  Mark had no children.  Nathan left no issue.  Tipton lives in Visalia, California, and has children Charles T. and Kate Lindsey.  Elizabeth married a Mr. Charles Cole of Indiana.  They live in Westville and have two daughters, Adda B. and Ella L. Cole.

2. William had no children.

3. Joshua was a minister of the Gospel.  He married and had thirteen children.  Some of them were named John, Elizabeth, Mary, Sallie, and Martha Lindsey.

4. Findla had no children. (Susan: This is my g-g-grandfather, Findley Lindsey)

5. Boyde had no children

The names of William's four daughters were not supplied to Margaret Lindsay.


Susan Grabek