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Lindsey's of Wilkes Co., Georgia ca. 1785-1820

Phoebe Lindsey 
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The purpose of this web page is to sort out the various members of the Group 2 Lindsey's who lived in Wilkes County from about 1785 to 1830. The first of our Lindsey's to settle in the area appear to have been Jacob Lindsey (ancestor of L0156), and Abraham Lindsey, (ancestor of L0138). Jacob was born by 1746 in Frederick Co., Virginia, where he married Elizabeth Abrell by 1772.  He has been proved a son of Edmond Lindsey, Sr. (b. ca. 1697) and his wife, Elizabeth Beasley Lindsey.  Abraham Lindsey was born circa 1723.  He was probably a brother of Jacob Lindsey.  Abraham Lindsey had left Virginia in 1762 to settle in Newberry County, South Carolina.  Both Jacob and Abraham Lindsey settled in Wilkes County about 1785.

Jacob Lindsey settled on land on Morris Creek in the northeastern part of today's Wilkes Co., GA.  Early Wilkes Co. records show that numerous other Lindsey's lived in the same area shortly after Jacob's date of settlement.  Most of them appear to have been related to Jacob, except for John "Silverfist" Lindsay, who lived in the southern part of the county in the Little River area.  Information about Silverfist is not included here, except to sort him from the Group 2 Lindsey's.

Though Jacob Lindsey probably had several children, only one has been proved so far.  Jacob Lindsey, Jr. was born 1778 in Frederick Co, Virginia.  He married Phoebe Lindsey (thought to be his first cousin) in 1806.  Jacob Lindsey, Jr. bought the land in Jones Co., GA that his father won in the 1807 Georgia land lottery, and he and Phoebe moved there to establish a farm.  Other Lindsey's who lived in the area who might have been sons and daughters of Jacob Lindsey Sr. were named John, Abraham, Elijah, James, and Sarah. Click here for a timeline (PDF format) of records about Jacob (Jacob1 in the file) and the other Wilkes County Lindsey's. Additional information about Jacob Lindsey, Sr. can be found on the Literature page.

Abraham Lindsey settled on Pistol Creek, having received a grant for land there in 1784.  Abraham sold land to Thomas and Edmond Lindsey, his probable sons, on Pistol Creek. Before Abraham died in Wilkes Co. ca. 1824, he divested himself of all his property, with most of it going to his daughter, Anne.  Though no probate records have been found for Abraham, he probably had other children who lived in the area, including sons named Thomas and Edmond, to whom Abraham sold land on Pistol Creek.  Caleb Lindsey, who purchased land on Pistol Creek from Edmond, may also have been a son of Abraham.  Thomas Lindsey, probable son of Abraham, was a Revolutionary War soldier who was born in South Carolina.  Thomas died before 1820, leaving a widow, Mary, and children named Thomas, Abraham, William, Phoebe, Elizabeth, Mary, Rhoda, and Charlotte.  It is possible that the son named Thomas was the ancestor of L0115.

Another early Lindsey in Wilkes County was Thomas Lindsey, who had land surveyed on Fishing Creek (also known as Morris Creek) in 1777.  Thomas died sometime after having the land surveyed, leaving four minor children -Thomas, Benjamin, Hezekiah, and Elizabeth. After Thomas died, David Creswell and Charles Duke claimed portions of the land that Thomas Lindsey had surveyed, and the land was sold by Creswell and Duke.  In 1792, Thomas Lindsey Jr. brought a lawsuit to recover the land.  In his petition, Thomas stated that he was the guardian of his brothers, Benjamin and Hezekiah.  Thomas also stated that his sister, Elizabeth Lindsey, was the wife of Buckner Jenkins.  There is some evidence that Thomas Lindsey Jr. and his siblings lived in Burke County, Georgia.  It is possible that Thomas Lindsey Jr. of the 1792 lawsuit was the ancestor of L0030 in Group 2.  This has not been proved.  Click here for more about the lawsuit over Thomas Lindsey Sr.'s land in Wilkes County.

1839 map of Wilkes Co. from:

Above is a map of Wilkes County on which I've roughly located the Lindsey's who lived in the area who are believed to have belonged to DNA Group 2.  Though the waterways they lived on are not labeled, they are (from north to south) Pistol Creek, Newford Creek, and Morris Creek, which is the northern branch of Fishing Creek.  The Lindsey's all lived within a few miles of each other, as can be seen on the map.  They interacted with each other in numerous land and court transactions, and as usual in our Lindsey lines, they gave their children the same given names, making them difficult to sort from one another.

I've created a timeline of records for the Wilkes Co. Lindsey's: Timeline (PDF, 47 pages, about 350k).


Miscellaneous records:

Wilkes County Lindsey Deeds (PDF files, about 1 MB each):

Group 2 Lindsey's in Direct and Reverse Index to Deeds

Abraham Lindsey to Anne Lindsey, 1815

Abraham Lindsey to Anne Lindsey 1822 and 1823

Anne Lindsey to Polly Ann and Phebe Freeman, 1828

Anne Lindsey to Joseph Pullin Jr., 1829

Anne Lindsey to William Bradley, 1829

Edward Anderson to James Lindsey, 1831


Deeds concerning the estate of Elijah Lindsey (d. ca. 1815):

Dicy Lindsey to Joseph Pullin, 1817

Jacob Lindsey to Joseph Pullin, 1816

James Lindsey to Joseph Pullin, 1817

John Lindsey to Joseph Pullin, 1817

William Andres to Joseph Pullen Jr., 1820

Archibald Lindsey, by his agent Thomas Lindsey, to William Pool, 1827


Deeds concerning the estate of Thomas Lindsey (d. before 1820):

Mary Lindsey (widow) for herself and daughters Rhoda, Charlotte, and Mary, to Elijah Pullin, 1826

Elizabeth Lindsey, Phebe Lindsey, and Willis Curry (Curry selling distributive shares of Thomas and Abraham Lindsey) to Elijah Pullin, 1826 (3 separate deeds in one PDF file)

William Lindsey to Elijah Pullin, 1826


Additions, corrections, and any information about the Wilkes Co. Lindsey's is welcomed.


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