Lindsay Surname DNA Project Group 2
"The Lindsey's of the Long Marsh, Virginia"

January 16, 2017 - Please note that the Lindsay Surname DNA project test results web pages are no longer being updated on the Clan Lindsay website.  The project is being transitioned to FTDNA, and it will take some time for Ron Lindsay, project administrator, to transfer all the information regarding the Y-DNA test markers.  I will update this site in a limited manner.  I will continue to add information about new project participants and their lineages. I will also add new research findings.  But I don't plan to update the Y-DNA test results charts, as that information will be available on FTDNA.  I still hope that descendants of the Long Marsh Lindsey family will find much information here to help with research about their ancestors.  Feel free to contact me with your research questions. So...

Welcome!  The purpose of this website is to share information about the Lindsey lineages that fall within the Lindsay Surname DNA Project Group 2.  We seek to add to the data that is presented on the Lindsay International Site web page about the Group 2 Lindsey's to further our knowledge about our Lindsey ancestors.  

I'm Susan Grabek, the Group 2 administrator, and the webmaster of this site.  I welcome comments, questions, and any information that you would like to share about your Group 2 ancestors. Click on my name to contact me. Please note that this website is independent of the Lindsay International website. 

To get an overview of the Group 2 Lindsey's, take a look at our lineages.

Research conducted by myself and others has led to the conclusion that many of the DNA project participants in our group descend from a family of Lindsey's that lived in the Long Marsh area of old Frederick County, Virginia (now Clarke Co., and  Berkeley and Jefferson counties in WV).  For this reason they are called the "Long Marsh Lindsey's".  Two Lindsey men believed to have been brothers, John (b. about 1700) and Edmund (b. 1697), settled in the area ca. 1733. 

Members of the family began to migrate from the Long Marsh to other areas starting about 1763.  They moved into South Carolina and Georgia, and from there into other southern states including Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  Other members of the family moved north and west into Pennsylvania and Kentucky, and from there into other states including Ohio and Indiana.  By the late 1780's only a handful of the original Lindsey family members remained in the Long Marsh area.

The work on our Lindsey's is far from complete.  Our ancestors seemed to have taken delight in covering their tracks!  They also loved to recycle given names.  Much research is still needed to be done to find all of our Lindsey's and sort them properly into family groups. Though we have a growing number of DNA project participants, not all of the Long Marsh lineages are represented in the project.  And some lineages seem to fall outside the Long Marsh family.  So we need to locate and recruit more DNA project participants. You are invited to join us on the hunt!


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Susan Grabek