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Lindsay Surname DNA Project Group 2 Maps

Below is my crude attempt at showing the approximate location of the Lindsey land holdings in Old Frederick County, Virginia.  The land is located in the present day counties of Clarke and Jefferson, WV.  I am not much of a cartographer, but you can at least get an idea of where the Long Marsh area is located.

The image on the right is a map taken from William Thorndale's work, which includes much more information about the Long Marsh Lindsey's and their land holdings in the area.   Thorndale's manuscript can be downloaded on the Literature page.  The three watercourses that the Lindsey lands were located on are tributaries of the Shenandoah River.





An overview of the Long Marsh Area -
Lindsey land in purple


 A closer view-
Lindsey land outlined in red


This is a map of the Lindsey tracts
from William Thorndale's manuscript.



A much nicer map done by an user - PDF format





         Susan Grabek