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The Lindsey's of the Long Marsh, Virginia
"The Patriarchs"


Edmond Abraham Thomas William David
b. ca. 1700 d. 1786 b. 1697 d. aft. 1782 b. ca. 1723 d. ca. 1824 b. ca. 1720 d. 1769 b. by 1728 d. bef. 1758 b. by 1728 d. ca. 1773

Many of the Group 2 Lindsey participants in the Lindsay Surname DNA Project have been proved descend from the Lindsey family that lived in the Long Marsh area of old Frederick Co., VA circa 1733-1785. Research conducted in the 1970's by professional genealogist William Thorndale showed that two brothers, John and Edmond Lindsey, left Cecil County, Maryland about 1733 to settle along the Long Marsh. John and Edmond, who are believed to have been sons of Edmond Lindsey (b. ca. 1666, d. 1709) and his wife, Abigail, were the likely progenitors of many of the Group 2 descendants.

John Lindsey:

John Lindsey was the first Lindsey male to appear in Frederick County records, serving on a jury in 1740.  In 1741, John Lindsey purchased a tract of land from Isaac Pennington.  This was the first of many land transactions that John Lindsey made in the Long Marsh area.  According to author Cecil O'Dell (Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, p. 214), John Lindsey amassed 2,419 acres of land in the Long Marsh area. The image to the right is from Letter 3, page 6 of the William Thorndale manuscript.  It shows some of John Lindsey's land in Frederick County.

John Lindsey was a justice of the peace and a vestryman in Frederick County. He was also a captain in the local militia during the French and Indian War. By 1770, John Lindsey had moved to the area of South Carolina that is present day Newberry County. Most of John's children went with him to South Carolina. John Lindsey had four sons who were soldiers in the Revolutionary War in South Carolina, as well as several grandsons who were also patriots.

John Lindsey made a will in Newberry County in 1783 in which he named his wife, Elce, and children: James, Sarah Speaks (married to Thomas Speake), John, Abigail Wells (married to Humphrey Wells), Thomas, and Samuel. John's will also named a son-in-law, Gerrard Smith (married to Esther Lindsey).

More information about John Lindsey, Sr. and his descendants can be found on the Newberry County web page.  Also, refer to William Thorndale's manuscript about the Long Marsh Lindsey family for more details about John Lindsey's life in Frederick County, Virginia.

The Group 2 Lindsey lineages associated with John Lindsey, Senior are:  L0029   L0047

Edmond Lindsey:

Edmond Lindsey, born circa 1697, married Elizabeth Beasley in St. George's Parish, Baltimore County (today's Harford Co.), Maryland in 1725. Edmund and Elizabeth moved to the Long Marsh area by 1733. Edmund was a frequent juryman in Frederick County. He was also in the Frederick County militia during the French and Indian War. No probate or will has been found for Edmund, who last appeared in Frederick Co. records in 1782.

Because of the lack of a will or probate, it is difficult to know the names of Edmond Lindsey's children with any certainty.  St. George's Parish records show that Edmond and Elizabeth Lindsey had a son named John, born in 1731.  It is not known what became of this son John.  He may have moved to South Carolina.

Edmond Lindsey may also have been the father of Edmond Lindsey Junior, born circa 1730, who died in Newberry County, South Carolina about 1818. Edmond's 1816 will named a wife, Mary, and children Nancy Hughes, Ruthe Pearson, William, Edmund, and Phoebe Ogilvie. More information about Edmond Lindsey Jr. can be found on the Fort Pitt web page, and the Newberry County web page.

Jacob Lindsey Sr. (b. by 1746) is the only proved son of Edmond Lindsey Sr. to date. Jacob Lindsey left the Long Marsh area about 1785 to settle in Wilkes Co., GA. More information about Jacob Lindsey Sr. is also available on the Wilkes County, Georgia web page. Also, see Yvonne Hardy's article in which she proved that Jacob was a son of Edmond Lindsey Sr.  A link to more information about Ms. Hardy's article is available on the Literature page.

The Group 2 Lindsey lineages associated with Edmond Lindsey, Senior are:

L0102     L0115      L0136     L0138     L0156    L0028      L0038      L0045      L0059     L0083      L0173    L0183    L0203

Abraham Lindsey:

Abraham Lindsey was born circa 1723, probably in Cecil County, Maryland.  At this time, the parents of Abraham Lindsey are not known.  Abraham
may have been a son of Edmund Lindsey, Sr.  Because Abraham Lindsey was born before Edmond Lindsey married Elizabeth Beasley, he may have been Edmond's son from a prior marriage.  At this time, there is no evidence of a prior marriage for Edmond Lindsey, so Abraham's father could have been a different Lindsey male.

Abraham Lindsey owned land on Goose Creek in present day Loudoun County, Virginia for which he received a grant in 1745.  He was a member of the Frederick County militia during the French and Indian War.  Abraham left the Long Marsh area for South Carolina about 1762.  That same year, Abraham obtained a grant for land along the Enoree River in present day Newberry County.  Abraham Lindsey sold his Newberry County land in 1783, and he moved to Wilkes County, Georgia.  Abraham Lindsey died in Wilkes County about 1824. More information about Abraham Lindsey can be found in this report about him. A report on Abraham Lindsey's descendants is also available in PDF format: Abraham Lindsey Descendants.

Abraham had a son named John (b. abt. 1749), who lived in Laurens Co. SC, then Jackson Co, GA, and who died in Maury Co., TN in 1810. For more information about John Lindsey, click here. Additionally, William Thorndale wrote a manuscript about the Lindsey's of Maury Co., TN that is available for download on the Literature page. The manuscript has more information about the family John Lindsey.

Another man believed to have been a son of Abraham Lindsey was Isaac Lindsey (b. ca. 1745), who owned land adjacent to Abraham in Newberry County.  Isaac Lindsey sold his Newberry County land in 1784, and he moved to York County, South Carolina.  Information about Isaac Lindsey can be found in this report about the York County Lindsey's.

Ezekiel Lindsey, who died in Laurens Co., SC ca. 1784 is also believed to have been a son of Abraham Lindsey. More information about Ezekiel Lindsey can be found on this web page.

The Lindsey lineages associated with Abraham Lindsey are: L0138  

Thomas Lindsey:

Thomas Lindsey may have been a son of Edmond Lindsey, Sr.  He was a constable, juryman, and road overseer in Frederick Co.  Thomas married first Mary, and second, Elizabeth.  Thomas Lindsey sometimes signed his name Thomas Jr. despite being the oldest known Thomas Lindsey in the county.  Thomas died in 1769.  His will named his wife, Elizabeth, and children John, Thomas, Abraham,  James, and Mary Turner.  Thomas' will also named his sons-in-law Nathaniel Barrett (married to Abigail Lindsey), and Richard Allen (married to Nancy Lindsey).  A book about Thomas Lindsey was written by Ferrell A. Brown.  More information about Brown's book is available on the Literature page.

Thomas Lindsey's son, John (b. 1746),  married Sarah Abrell, the sister of Elizabeth Abrell (married to Jacob Lindsey Sr.).  John and Sarah Lindsey moved to Pickaway Co., Ohio about 1811.  Some of their sons migrated to Pickaway Co. with them.  Many Lindsey's from this line still live in Pickaway Co., but none have participated in the DNA project to date.

The Lindsey lineages associated with Thomas Lindsey are: None known

William Lindsey:

William Lindsey was born by 1728.  William Thorndale called William Lindsey a puzzle, because he did not appear in many records.  William made a couple of court appearances (one involving Edmond Lindsey Jr.), and he guided a 1748 survey party for young George Washington.  William recorded a deed for John Lindsey Sr. in 1742.  Though he would have been of age, William did not appear in any militia records in Frederick Co. during the French and Indian War.  Perhaps William had left the area or he had died by then.

The Lindsey lineages associated with William Lindsey are: None known

David Lindsey: David Lindsey, born by 1728, was also an enigmatic figure in the area.  He appeared in court on numerous occasions, almost always in litigation.  David was in the Frederick Co. militia.  He had a wife named Catherine. David may have leased land in the area because he did no citizen duties in Frederick Co.  David appeared in a court record with Isaac Lindsey in 1770, indicating that they may have been related. By 1773, David had moved to the area that is now Greenbriar Co., WV.  Researcher Jack McDonald has a web page with more information about David. Known children of  David Lindsey are Robert, John Valentine, Sarah, Jane, and Rebecca.

The Lindsey lineages associated with David Lindsey are: None known


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