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Hezekiah Lindsey in the Fort Pitt Area ca. the Revolutionary War

Hezekiah Lindsey, b. 1747,  was the ancestor of L0038 in Lindsay Surname DNA Project Group 2.

Hezekiah Lindsey moved from Frederick Co., VA to the Fort Pitt area as a young man sometime before the Revolutionary War.  He lived in the area that is now Westmoreland Co., PA where he owned land by 1770, and where he enlisted in the army.  Hezekiah served in both Virginia and Pennsylvania regiments in the area.  After the war, Hezekiah Lindsey lived in Campbell Co., Kentucky for a time before moving to Clermont Co., Ohio.  Hezekiah died there ca. 1826.

Click here for a Timeline of all the documents for Hezekiah Lindsey in the Fort Pitt area.  Below are downloadable images of documents concerning Hezekiah Lindsey in the Fort Pitt area:

The three images above are for a 1770 Deed of Release between Edmund Lindsey, Sr. and his son Jacob Lindsey for land in Frederick Co., VA.   Hezekiah Lindsey, underlined in red on the second page, is shown as an adjoining owner of land.  The Deed of Lease, which was recorded a day earlier, listed Edmund Lindsey, Jr. as the adjoining owner.  The deeds suggest that Hezekiah Lindsey was closely related to the other Lindsey's involved in the transaction.  Hezekiah was likely a brother to Edmund Lindsey, Jr.  Source: Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 13, pages 224-226. This muster roll for Capt. George McCormick's Co. of the 13th VA Regiment dated Oct. 3, 1777 shows that Hezekiah Lindsey was on active duty, and that he had enlisted for a three year term.  Source: NARA Publication M-246: Roll 111, Folder 313, Pg. 5.

Capt. George Rice certified that Hezekiah Lindsey had been a soldier in the Virginia Continental service for three years. 

Source: Library of Virginia, Revolutionary War Bounty Warrants Search Engine:

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 Hezekiah Lindsey Revolutionary War Pension Application   Hezekiah received a pension for his Revolutionary War service
(in 4 PDF files, each about 6 pages, and about 3 Mb each)
In his pension application, Hezekiah stated that he had not received any land for his service.  Hezekiah had been issued a certificate (#1028) which entitled him to 100 acres of land for his service.  The certificate was issued in 1783, and in 1784 Hezekiah assigned the warrant to George Rice, who was a neighbor of the Lindsey family in Frederick Co., Virginia.  Captain Sigismund Stribling, also a resident of Frederick Co., witnessed Hezekiah's signature (mark).  Because Rice and Stribling both resided in Frederick Co., it seems that Hezekiah must have traveled there to sign his certificate over to George Rice.  Perhaps it was on this trip that Hezekiah picked up Alice Beasley and took her to live with his family in Westmoreland Co.  Alice met her husband Andrew Chalmers there on a neighboring farm, and married him in 1785.  See below, for more on this.



The images above are of the front and back of the bounty land warrant that was issued to Hezekiah Lindsey for his Revolutionary War service.  The back of the certificate shows that Hezekiah assigned his certificate to George Rice in 1784.  Source: Kentucky Secretary of State Land Office. George Rice had the bounty land surveyed in 1798.  Micajah Roach was a chain carrier.  Micajah was the brother of Richard Roach, who had married Sarah Lindsey, daughter of Edmund Lindsey, Jr. in 1773 in Frederick Co.  Micajah was also George Rice's son-in-law.  Source: Kentucky Secretary of State Land Office.

Hezekiah Lindsey lived in present day Westmoreland Co., PA during the Revolutionary War.  Records there show that he moved several times while he lived in the area.  In 1783, Hezekiah sold land in present day Bullskin, Fayette Co (which was Tyrone, Westmoreland Co. when Hezekiah lived there in 1770) to Isaac Meason.  Click here for information about Hezekiah's land in Bullskin.  Hezekiah later lived in present day East Huntingdon Township, in Westmoreland County.  When Hezekiah lived there, the township had not yet been divided, and it was simply Huntingdon Township.

Hezekiah's son, John Lindsey, deposed for Alice Beasley Chalmers in 1839 in Brown Co., Ohio, so Alice could receive a widow's Revolutionary War pension for the service of her deceased husband, Andrew Chalmers.  In his deposition, John Lindsey stated that Andrew Chalmers had lived on an adjoining property in Westmoreland County after the war.  John said that the property was owned by Andrew's step-father, John Callahan.  Records at the Pennsylvania Archives show that John Callahan and Hezekiah Lindsey owned adjoining properties in today's East Huntingdon Township.

Above are pages 65-68 of Andrew Chalmer's Rev. War pension application (NARA Publication M804: W4512), in which John Lindsey of Brown Co., Ohio deposed that Andrew had lived on his step-father John Callahan's farm in Westmoreland Co., PA.  John Lindsey stated that Callahan's farm adjoined that of his own father's farm. The image above  is a portion of a warrant map of East Hungtingdon Township, showing the adjoining lands of John Callahan (blue), Hezekiah Lindsey (yellow), and George Shilling (pink).
Source: Early Landowners of Pennsylvania: Westmoreland Co. Patent Maps,  CD by Ancestor Tracks.
The modern USGS map of East Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co., PA above shows the approximate location of the properties discussed, below.

Source of map

John Callahan owned this tract. Callahan's survey (C-35-168) shows that his neighbors to the south were George Shilling and Hezekiah Lynn (Hezekiah Lindsey).

Source of surveys shown above: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Land Records: Copied Survey Books

 John Callahan's neighbor, George Shilling, at one time owned the three adjoining tracts shown above.  The survey for the tract on the left  (C-209-165) shows that Ezekiah (Hezekiah) Lindsey was the former owner of adjoining land to the east of his parcel. Lindsey's parcel would have been directly south of John Callahan's land, as shown in the Callahan survey.  Jacob Trout, who had the parcel on the right surveyed, was a son-in-law of George Shilling, having married Mary Shilling, George's daughter.

Hezekiah Lindsey may have sold his land in to James Hazelep, whose survey (C-79-193) is shown above.  John Lindsey said his father had moved to a different farm in Westmoreland Co. by 1790.
Other information about Hezekiah Lindsey can be found on the Literature page of the Group 2 website.

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