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Lindsey's of Clermont County, Ohio

Hezekiah Lindsey (b. 1747, ancestor of L0038) was among the first settlers of Clermont County.  Hezekiah and his family had left Campbell Co., Kentucky ca. 1801, crossing the Ohio River into today's Clermont Co.  Following Hezekiah and family a few years later was Stephen Lindsey (b. 1775, ancestor of L0083 and L0173). Stephen Lindsey, who had also lived in Campbell Co., KY, may have been Hezekiah's nephew.

Other related Lindsey's soon followed.  Edmund and Caleb Lindsey purchased land in Clermont Co. in 1807.  I believe that Edmund and Caleb were brothers (sons of Abraham), and that they had left Wilkes Co., GA, having sold land there prior to purchasing land together in Clermont Co. in 1807.  (See the web page about the Wilkes Co. Lindsey's.  The timeline there has information about Edmund and Caleb Lindsey.)

Below are excerpts from History of Clermont County, Ohio: with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers (Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1880) This book is available online: (date accessed 10-08-2009)

Pages 398-399:

In the fall of 1796 and the following year a number of settlers came into what was the old township of Ohio. James John located at the mouth of Nine-Mile Creek, and Rodham Morin near Isaac Ferguson's, to which place his father, Edward Morin, with a large family, came the following year. Regarding these settlers and the settlements which followed, and the incidents of their pioneer life, the Hon. John Shaw said :

"And soon after came Hezekiah Lindsey, Jesse Swem, Archibald Gray, Nathaniel Donham, William Abercrombie, John, Jacob, and Daniel Light, Alexander Robb, and John, Abner, and Joseph Fagin. These were all from Pennsylvania except the Morins, who were from Virginia. Mr. Morin, Mr. Lindsey, and Mr. Swem had been soldiers of the Revolutionary war, and perhaps some of the others named. About the year 1800 there settled near the mouth of Boat Run Messrs. Newton, Ayres, Weldon, and Eldridge. They were from New Jersey. The first settlement in Franklin neighborhood was made by Alexander Robb in 1804; and in 1806, Hugh Ferguson, William McCandless, James Whitaker, and probably Joshua and David Brown; and in 1308, John Shaw, Sr.; and before 1812, Timothy Rardin, Josiah Carnes, Nathan Nichols, Jonathan Rinker, Daniel Derry, Benjamin Morin, William and Archibald Bonnet, Andrew Gray; and soon after John Archard, Jephtha Moore, Everard Bettie, Nathan Layeock, Jonathan S. Donham, James Cates, Nathan and Nicholas Corbin, and Absalom Cook. These are all that 1 now reeollect. They were nearly all intelligent, industrious, frugal, and thrifty citizens, and raised on an average about ten children each, and their numerous progeny are now scattered from here to California.

"The first settlers in what is now the northern part of the small territory of Ohio township were Amos and Robert Haiaes, Levi Moss, William and Hezekiah Lindsey, Rodham and John Morin, John, Robert, Amos, and Abel Donham, Reuben Laycock, John Snider, John and Abner Fagin, Edmund and Caleb Lindsey, John Cox, Sr., Edward Chapman, William Hardin, David White, Dr. Joshua Porter, Neely Gray, Hamilton Miller, Zebulon Applegate, Mr. WiShart, and Lewis Miller. I recollect all of the above except Alexander Robb, 1saac Ferguson, Nathaniel Denham, William McCandless, James Whitaker, William Abercrombie, and Mr. Wishart ; they died before my day. I think they were all here before 1812. They were nearly all men of integrity and untiring industry, and it seems to me that they were expressly designed for the settlement of a new country. The most of them were uneducated, but they were men of strong intellect and quick perceptive faculties, and were always on the alert to learn; and us knowledge in those days was not made a monopoly of or hid under a bushel, what one knew the others soon learned. I have often seen a half-dozen neighbors assembled around a winter- evening fire to hear the newspaper read, and they generally discussed every artiele in it before they broke up...

...Hezekiah Lindsey and his family came with Isaac Ferguson from Pennsylvania, and lived near him in Kentucky ; and after coming to Clermont settled below him on the river-bottoms. He died about seventy years ago, leaving sons named Manley, John, Philip, Hezekiah, William, Elijah, and daughters who married Joshua Brown, of Ohio ; John Fisher, of Monroe ; John Gilman, Elijah Mattox, and Jesse Swem, all of Pierce. John Lindsey and his brother Philip settled in Brown County. Hezekiah married a sister of Reuben Laycock, and settled east of Palestine, in Pierce, where he died at the age of eighty-four years. Of his sons Philip removed to Kentucky, John died in Pierce, Levi was drowned in the army, William removed to Illinois, Stephen became a Baptist minister, and Marion still occupies the homestead. Several of the daughters married,—Rachel, David Wheeler, and Nancy, John Reese.

Col. William Lindsey was married to Nancy Ferguson, and settled on the present Trump farm, but died at Mount Pisgah in 1864, at the age of eighty two years ; and his widow at New Richmond in 1877, aged ninety-four years. Twelve of their children attained mature years,-John, William, Isaiah, Isaac, Hezekiah, and Ira. The latter resides at Newport ; and all but the former two yet reside in the county. His daughters married David Douham, Martin Behymer, Samuel White, Andrew Hixson, John B. Day, and Peter Myers, all of Southern Clermont. Elijah Lindsey lived in Monroe, but removed to Indiana many years ago.




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