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Was Elce Lindsey a Crosson?

The idea that Elce Lindsey's maiden name was Crosson seems to have originated in a 1955 book on the history of Newberry County written by George Leland Summer.  In his book, Newberry County, South Carolina: Historical and Genealogical Annals, Summer stated that Alce Lindsey, the widow of John Lindsey had died about 1828, and that she was the daughter of a Crosson.  An excerpt from page 256 of Summer's book appears below:

Summer had incorrectly identified the Alce Lindsey who died in 1828.  Alsea Lindsey who died in 1828 was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Ford Lindsey.  Elizabeth Ford Lindsey died in 1827.  An 1828 petition to disperse funds from Elizabeth's estate confirms the identity of Alsea Lindsey as her daughter:

That Elizabeth Lindsey, being possessed of a considerable personal estate, departed this life intestate leaving the following children and grandchildren her surviving to wit  Wade Lindsey, Esther the wife of Isaac Lindsey, Thomas Lindsey, John Lindsey, Alsea Lindsey and Mary the wife of G. W. Johnson and Young L. West, John West, Elizabeth the wife of Abram Gilbert, and Jacob Sherman West the children of Drucilla  Decd daughter of the said Elizabeth.  That since the death of the said Elizabeth the said Alsea Lindsey departed this life intestate leaving no issue legally capable of inheriting her estate and leaving her brothers and sisters and the children of the Decd sister Drucilla her only heirs her surviving.  That John Lindsey administrator upon the personal estate of the said Elizabeth, which greatly exceeds the debts of the Decd

The administrator of Alsea Lindsey's 1828 estate was David A. Crosson. I believe that George Leland Summer saw the index for the probate record and assumed that it was for Elce Lindsey, the widow of John Lindsey.  Summer concluded that Alsea Lindsey was a Crosson by birth because of the administrator's name, Crosson, appeared in the index.

The 1828 appraisal of Alsea Lindsey's estate showed that she owned only some bedroom furniture.  In 1841, James N. Crosson filed to become the new administrator of Alsea's estate.  David A. Crosson had died, and James N. Crosson was the administrator of David's estate.  James N. Crosson stated that Alsea Lindsey's estate was indebted to David A. Crosson's estate in the amount of $46.00.  The final settlement of Alsea Lindsey's estate in 1841 showed that her estate had received $94.00 from her mother Elizabeth Lindsey's estate, and that John Lindsey had administered his mother's estate. (Source: Estate of Ailsey Lindsey of Newberry County, SC. Copy reproduced from microfilm at the South Carolina Archives: Newberry County estates, Estate Box 68, #12.)  As shown in the 1828 petition above, John Lindsey was the administrator of Elizabeth Lindsey's estate.  So it is evident that the Alesey Lindsey who died in 1828 was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Lindsey, and that she was not the widow of John Lindsey, Senior of Newberry County.

John and Elce Lindsey were probably married in Maryland.  To date, no marriage record has been found for them.  Elce Lindsey's maiden name is unknown at this time.



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