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The image below is a transcript of St. George's Parish Register.  It shows that Edmond Lindsey married Elizabeth Beasley in St. George's Parish in 1725.  It also lists the birth of a son, John Lindsey.  Though the year of John's birth was not listed in this transcription by bill Reamy, a transcription done in 1888 by Lucy Harrison (per 1999 correspondence of William Thorndale) listed 1731 as the year of John Lindsey's birth.

Source: Reamy, Bill. St. George's Parish Registers 1689 - 1793. Silver Spring: Family Line Publications, 1998. 36. Print.

The image below is from page iv of the same book.  It shows that St. George's Parish was just west of Cecil County on the west side of the Susquehanna River.



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