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Lindsay Surname DNA Project Group 2
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Note: This web page is no longer being updated, so the information has not changed since 2010.

I've uploaded some spreadsheets and charts to help Group 2 researchers understand our lineages.  The DNA test results of our participants are remarkably similar.  Three of the participants have identical results on the 43 marker test.  These three, L0083, L00102, and L0156, appear to descend from Long Marsh pioneer Edmund Lindsey (b. 1697).  Their DNA forms the modal haplotype for Group 2.  Four others match the modal haplotype also, except that they all have a null reading on marker DYS441.  These four are L0018, L0028, L0029, and L0030.  Most others in the group have just a one marker mismatch with the modal haplotype, with a few exceptions, which you can see on the spreadsheets.

Click on the links below to view information about the DNA test results:

1. Excel sheet from Ron Lindsay.  This matches what you see on the Group 2 DNA Page, but it may be easier to read.  You can also manipulate the data to line up the markers for the project participants in any order so you can compare them.

For those who don't have Excel,  here is  a PDF file for viewing and printing.

2. Excel sheet that I made.  I included the names of the earliest known ancestors. I kept all the cells uncolored except for the mismatches so they would stand out clearly.  I also put the 43 marker test results on top, and the 26 marker test results on the bottom.  The data can be manipulated to be seen in any order.

For those who don't have Excel, here's a PDF file of my Excel sheet for viewing and printing.





Susan Grabek