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Hezekiah Lindsey's land in Bullskin, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

1-15-2015: Update - Information from Lannie Dietle, author of the book, "In Search of the Turkeyfoot Road", has confirmed that Hezekiah Lindsey was once the owner of the Adam Hatfield tract.  Click here to read Mr. Dietle's research paper about Hezekiah's land.

Hezekiah Lindsey's land included the shaded tract shown on the warrant map, below, that was patented to Adam Hatfield called "Mill Race".  When Hezekiah lived on the land in 1770, it lay in Bedford County.  Later, when Hezekiah sold the land, it was in Tyrone Township, Westmoreland County. At the time that Adam Hatfield patented the tract, it lay in Bullskin, Fayette County.  Today, the property is the site of the Pleasant Valley Country Club.

View of Hezekiah's land on Mounts Creek
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This image is a portion of a warrant map of Bullskin Township.  Source: Early Landowners of Pennsylvania: Fayette  Co. Patent Maps,  CD by Ancestor Tracks.


Westmoreland County Deed Book A
FHL Microfilm  #0929165

Pg. 414
Ezekiah Lindsy of Hempfield Township to Isaac Mason of Tyrone Township
For 5 pounds, 300 acres on both sides of Mountses Creek, and on both sides of Turkeyfoot Road.
Adjoining lands of: Richard Stephenson, deceased and John Carr; and Robert Morrison, deceased.
"It being the same land I live on in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy"
Signed Ezekiah Lindsey, (his mark), 7 February 1783
Witnesses: Saml. Moorhead and Nathan Young

Date: March 21, 2007 05:21PM
17 Jul 1784. Deed. John Meason to Adam Hatfield. Land: An improvement made by Ezekiel Lindsey on the tract of land said Hatfield now lives on; being the same tract that Meason conveyed to Hatfield some time past, and the same improvement that was conveyed to said John Meason this day by Isaac Meason. Price: 5 shillings Pa. currency. Witnesses: Isaac White and Isaac (x) Doyl. (Page 71)
(Source: Deed Abstracts, Deed Book A, Fayette County, Pa.)

Note: Though this deed says Ezekiel, I believe it was actually a mis-transcription of Ezekiah, whom I believe was actually Hezekiah Lindsey.


The 1783 deed, above, describes the tract as lying on both sides of the Turkeyfoot  Road.  A description of the location of  the Turkeyfoot Road by James Veech reads as follows:

From: The Monongahela of old, or, Historical sketches of south-western Pennsylvania to the year 1800 / by James Veech. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Digital Research Library, 1999, Page 34.

The reference to Cathcart's Mill, above is shown on the warrant map as John and Joseph Kincart's land, which adjoins the tract Isaac Meason dubbed "Glade". An excerpt from The History of Fayette County (pg. 494) reads:

From: History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men / edited by Franklin Ellis.
Ellis, Franklin, 1828-1885.
Philadelphia : L.H. Everts & Co., 1882:

Note: Fayette County Deed Book C-1, page 698 records John Kincart's Oct. 18, 1787 purchase of land from Samuel Ossborne and John Christy.  In that deed, the land was described as being adjacent to that of Robert Morrison, deceased, and land of Isaac Meason.
The map of  Bullskin below is marked with a red "x" for the approximate location of Hezekiah Lindsey's land. George Hogg owned land just east the marked area, which is shown on the warrant map, above as being surveyed for  Wm. Hogg  in 1837.  On pg. 487 of  The History of Fayette Co., author Ellis wrote:

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